Sports Contest among construction companies

Setl Group became the vice-champion of the Spartakiad among the construction companies of the North-West region.

The Best construction organization of Leningrad region-2017 Diploma
Setl City has become the the best taxpayer in the competition "The Best construction organization of Leningrad region 2017".
Е3 Investment Rating

The business-class Moscow residential estate has become the best project for investment in the location “The South of Moscow district” with the highest potential of profitability. Rating was complied by experts of Е3 Investment company.

BIM Technologies 2017

The business-class Palazzio residential estate construction management project based on the information modeling technology has been recognized as the best at the Second All-Russian Open Competition with International Participation "BIM Technologies 2017" in the "BIM Construction" nomination.

Move Realty Awards

Setl City became the winner of Move Realty Awards competition with the project GreenLandiya in the category "The comfort class Project of a Year, Leningrad region".


The Stockholm luxury residential estate has become the winner of the 13th interregional real estate competition "KAISSA-2017". The Setl City’s project outperformed all competitors in the nomination "The Best Project in the Premium Housing Market". 

Sberbank special prize for Riverside project

Setl City won the Sberbank’s Special Prize in the category “Development” for realization of the Riverside project. The diploma was awarded at the ceremony “The Investor of the Year” organized by Saint Petersburg government. 


The commendation from Legislative Assembly of  Leningrad region for great professionalism and Setl City significant contribution to the regional building industry development.

The best construction camp Diploma

Residential estate Planetograd became the winner in a competition “Stroymaster-2017” in the category “The best construction camp”.

The best building site Diploma

Residential estate Planetograd became the winner in a competition “Stroymaster-2017” in the category “The best building site”.

Reliable Developer of Russia 2017

Setl City has been awarded the Golden Badge of Public Control in Co-investment Construction "Reliable Developer of Russia 2017" for the highest reliability indicators in the field of investor legal rights observance.