Brokerage and Consulting

Brokerage and consulting divisions of the Setl Group holding company deal with all kinds of transactions in the market of housing and commercial real estate. They are the most well-known and professional consultants in the field of investment in real estate and construction and regularly fulfil orders for market research and preparation of investment project concepts for the major developer companies and the authorities.

Petersburg Real Estate PDC, a member of the holding company, is the leading realtor company and the biggest seller of real estate under construction in the Northwestern region. The company is participating in developing scores of big projects of housing and combined construction, rendering consulting support and brokerage services to investors.

Petersburg Real Estate Agency works with a secondary property market.

Petersburg Real Estate Consulting provides analytical and research services of real estate markets of St. Petersburg, Leningradskaya Region, Kaliningrad, Kaliningradskaya Region and other Russian regions.

Petersburg Real Estate Evaluation provides estimation services referred to residential and commercial real estate objects as well as any other assets.

Setl Estate, a subsidiary of the holding company, deals with promotion of the package of brokerage and consulting services to regions.