The HR policy of the Setl Group holding company is based on the understanding that our people are our main resource. Over the years of its work, the holding company has created a cohesive, energetic and highly professional team that ensures the annual rapid growth and development of the company and its leading positions in the regional market.

The employees of the company are focused on an ongoing professional advancement, development and achievement of the best results in the business. At the same time, the company's team is always open to new people who are willing to join the team work and to make their professional contribution to the common cause.

We strive to ensure that people in our team feel comfortable and confident and get opportunities for their development and self-realization at any time. The company has a corporate training center, which provides training for all categories of specialists and provides conditions for their further professional advancement. Dozens of educational programs and courses for various specialists are provided on its basis, including field seminars and trainings. All companies within of the holding company provide their employees with a high level of social guarantees and adequate remuneration.

We highly appreciate the contribution of each individual specialist to our common cause, and we recognize personal success and achievements with special prizes, awards and signs of honor. We pay much attention to the support and development of an atmosphere of friendliness, mutual support and cohesion in the team.

Skilful, professional and unanimous are the qualities that we see in the Setl Group’s team, and this team is the basis of its further success.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our professional team, you may send your CV to:

Companies of Setl Group holding