Mortgage loans

Mortgage lending is a long-term loan provided by a bank to a legal entity or individual on the security of real estate: land, industrial and residential buildings, premises, and facilities.

The most common option for using a mortgage in Russia is buying an apartment on credit by an individual. In this case, as a rule, newly purchased housing is mortgaged, although it is also possible to mortgage an apartment already owned. Note that the mortgage is a public mortgage. In case of real estate mortgage, the bodies registering the transaction, make appropriate records that the property is burdened with a pledge. Any interested person may request an extract from the State Register of rights to real estate and transactions with it. In this statement, if the property is mortgaged, it will necessarily indicate that there is a charge: a pledge. In Russia, no more than one hundred banks, mainly Moscow banks, are active in the mortgage market. In the top 5 mortgage banks according to the rating "Rusipoteca" for the past few years includes Sberbank, VTB24, Gazprombank, DeltaCredit, Rosbank.

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