Setl Group Delivers Kindergarten in Petrovsky Island

The Setl Group holding has commissioned a kindergarten in the “Petrovsky Quarter on the Water” residential estate in Petrovsky Island. The preschool can accommodate 160 kids. It is intended to be opened next year.

2019 december 23

Petrovsky Quarter on the Water Premium Class RE Commissioned

Setl Group has completed the construction of the “Petrovsky Quarter on the Water” elite residential estate in Petrogradsky District. Three residential houses with underground parking lots, commercial spaces for high-class street retail outlets, and a kindergarten are located in the very heart of the city, on the picturesque riverside of the Malaya Neva. Provided on the project’s grounds are a cozy promenade alley and a mini-park with an exclusive landscaping design, and an open viewing platform at the waterfront.


2019 december 20

Stockholm is the Best Luxury Project at the KAISSA Competition

Setl Group’s Stockholm luxury residential estate has been recognized as the Best Project in the Premium Housing Market at the KAISSA-2019 contest. The award ceremony took place in St. Petersburg on December 12. The winners received golden statuettes, the traditional symbol of the competition.

2019 december 13

Setl Group Is the Best Employer in St. Petersburg

The Setl Group holding company has become the best employer in St. Petersburg at a major citywide competition, Recognition and Influence. The contest was organized by, the most visited news portal in the Northern Capital, and the website visitors determined the winners. The Stockholm premium project has won another award of the competition: residents of St. Petersburg have named it the leader in the Best Residential Estate – Beautification nomination.

2019 december 13

The Best Developer and the Best Luxury Project: Setl Group Becomes the Victor of the Consumer’s Trust Contest

Setl Group has become the victor of the Consumer’s Trust contest – the holding company was recognized as the Construction Company That Enjoys the Greatest Consumer Confidence in the Real Estate Market of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The company has also won the award for the best implemented premium-class project.

2019 december 09

Stockholm is the Best Premium Residential Estate at the Golden Trezzini Competition

Setl Group's Stockholm residential estate has won the Golden Trezzini competition in the Best Built Residential Estate of the Premium or Business Class nomination, in the Architecture as Art category. The award ceremony took place on November 27 in the atrium of the Commandant’s House of the Peter and Paul Fortress. The winners received commemorative diplomas and special Golden Trezzini statuettes.

2019 november 28

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