Setl Group Paid 7th Coupon on Series 001P-01 Bonds

On August 1, 2019 Setl Group LLC successfully fulfilled its obligation to pay the 7th coupon profit on the bond issue of series 001Р (ISIN code: RU000A0ZYEQ9) placed under the Exchange-Traded Bonds Program, for a total amount of 25 billion rubles.

2019 august 02

Setl Group Built Stage 6 of Sunny City RE

The Setl Group holding commissioned the sixth stage of the Sunny City comfort class residential estate. The buyers of its apartments will live in a well-designed block with already opened kindergartens, an own school, and a green park set up specially for the residential estate.

2019 july 25

ACRA Assigned Maximum Credit Rating to Setl Group Bonds

The ACRA national rating agency assigned the А-(RU) credit rating to the bond issue (RU000A100MG6) of the Setl Group holding. Currently, it is the highest public credit rating of an issue ever awarded to bond issues of Russian companies in the Construction and Real Estate sector.

2019 july 24

Setl Group Floated 5 Billion Rubles’ Worth Bonds at Moscow Exchange

On July 23, the Setl Group Holding placed its series 001Р-02 bonds at the Moscow Exchange, for an amount of 5 billion rubles. The amount had been increased from 3 billion to 5 billion rubles to the high demand, as it had exceeded the initial benchmark more than twofold.

2019 july 23

Setl Group’s Sales Up By 65% At Half-Year End

In the first half-year, the sales of the Setl Group increased by 65% in cash as compared to the similar period of the last year, amounting to 53.2 billion rubles. The demand for the holding’s projects in physical indicators went up by 40% reaching 432,000 sq. m, while the total number of transactions in all kinds of spaces increased by 43%.

2019 july 17

Setl Group Started Erecting Panorama Park Sosnovka View Residential Estate

Setl Group started the construction of Panorama Park Sosnovka, a high comfort class residential estate in the city’s Vyborgsky District, near Prospekt Engelsa and the Svetlanovskaya Square ensemble. Due to the project, the neighborhood will become beautiful in a European way, and even more green thanks to the new art minipark to be created by Setl Group. And a cozy pedestrian alley nearly one kilometer long will interconnect two landscaped parks, Udelny and Sosnovka.

2019 july 17

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