Setl Group Started Building a Second School with Two Swimming Pools in Sunny City RE

Setl Group proceeded to construct a second general education school for 1375 students with two swimming pools in the Sunny City residential estate. It will be located north of Building 10, opposite the already commissioned school. The scheduled deadline for completion is Quarter 3, 2020.

2019 may 23

Philosophy on Moskovskaya RE Will Have Playgrounds of Ecomaterials

Play sets using wood and environmental materials will be installed in Philosophy on Moskovskaya residential estate. The children’s playgrounds are designed in today's European style, as well as the estate's facades, so that they will perfectly fit in the surrounding architecture.

2019 may 14

Setl Group Started Building a Shopping Center in Sunny City RE

The Setl Group holding proceeded to construct a shopping center with an underground parking lot and a surface parking space in the Sunny City residential estate, Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. The building’s total space will be over 11,000 sq. m. It is intended to complete the construction in Quarter 1, 2021.

2019 may 13

Setl Group Delivering MoreOkean Residential Estate 8 Months Ahead of Schedule

Setl Group commissioned MoreOkean, a high comfort class residential estate in Primorsky District of St. Petersburg, with a record delivery time advance: the second building was delivered 8 months earlier. The project comprises two 25-storey building of an aggregate floor space of about 54,000 sq. m, two integrated–attached kindergartens for a total of 120 children, and two underground parking lots of 5,800 sq. m.

2019 may 07

Setl Group Publishes IFRS Financial Results

Based on the 2018 results, the Setl Group holding’s IFRS consolidated revenue was 92.2 billion rubles, and its net profit, 5.8 billion rubles.

2019 may 06

Setl Group to Build a New Plesetskaya Street Portion

This May, the Setl Group holding will proceed to the construction a prolongation of Plesetskaya Street west of Komendantsky Prospekt. The road will be built up to the crossing of Verkhne-Kamenskaya Street near the 6th stage of the Clear Sky residential estate. The developer will fund the construction with its own money.

2019 april 23

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