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A Developing Environment will be Created in a Kindergarten in Vienna Residential Estate

2014 october 23

GK Art Façade has started creating an improved interior of the integrated attached kindergarten in house No.10, which is being built by Setl City in the framework of the 5th stage of Vienna residential estate. A unique teaching and developing environment will be created in the rooms where kids will be spending their time. 

Creating an unusual and diverse interior to stimulate children’s creative abilities and spatial perception was the main task set by Setl City, the developer. 

Besides visual images, the purpose of which is to diversify the internal space of the building, GK Art Façade suggested equipping the rooms of the kindergarten with teaching elements. E.g., the corridors will be in the form of streets with road signs. Thus, a child will be able to integrate smoothly into the urban environment and to get acquainted with important elements of the first steps of his or her life as a city-dweller.

The Art Façade’s project is based on the graphic and pictorial language characteristic of animators of the Soviet school; it conveys in an interactive form the heritage of the period when today’s parents were children and thus serves as a link between generations.

Besides, while working on the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the kindergarten, GK Art Façade will do the ornamental painting of the building’s façade. 

“Many of our buyers are families with children or planning to have children,” Ilya Yeryomenko, CEO of Setl City, notes. “That is why we place emphasis on organizing the space for kids.  Spacious bright playgrounds for kids with safe rubber covering became the standard for Setl City’s projects long ago. Our next step will be to create high-quality and really nice educational institutions for children.”

“We are always glad to participate in such projects. It is very important  for a kid to be since early childhood in a developing environment facilitating his or her opening up and socialization and in an aesthetically saturated environment where he or she can immerse in beauty and originality accessible and understandable to him or her,” Ilya Tyukin, Director of GK Art Façade comments. “We have tried to convey to kids the warmth and a particle of the childhood of their parents who grew up together with the same animated cartoon characters.” 

House No.10, in which the kindergarten is situated, is to be commissioned before the year 2014 expires.

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