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A Third Kindergarten is Opened in the Vienna Residential Estate

2017 october 02

A kindergarten with a swimming pool built by Setl City (a company of the Setl Group) at the intersection of Venskaya and Tsentralnaya streets in the Vienna estate of the "Seven Capitals" residential area in Kudrovo has received its first kids. The kindergarten is designed for 140 children. Setl City put into operation a kindergarten with a swimming pool for 140 kids late in 2016. It is the fourth and the last of the children's institutions built in the Vienna RE. Besides this kindergarten, there is a secondary comprehensive school for 600 pupils in estate, which was also built by Setl City. Two municipal kindergartens built by the company are already hosting 313 kids. It should be noted that the construction of the "Vienna" quarter has been completed. There are children's and sports grounds and pedestrian boulevards in its landscaped area. Currently, Setl City is completing the second part of the large-scale project in Kudrovo, which is the "London" residential estate designed in the British style. The centerpiece of the estate is the pedestrian Square of Europe, where Setl City opened an "English" fountain. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the project.

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