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Billy’s Band Open a Fountain in the Riverside High-class Residential Area

2017 july 10

Setl City and Petersburg Real Estate (companies of the Setl Group) have held a jazz festival in the Riverside high-class residential area on Ushakovskaya Embankment in honor of the launch of the fountain in the estate. The event was held on July 8 and hosted about 600 guests. Leading jazz bands of St. Petersburg – the famous Billy’s Band and Canal Street Band that has already become popular – performed before the guests of the festival. Food trucks worked for the visitors, children were entertained by entertainers, and adults could play mini-golf. The fountain in Riverside was created according to a design project of the Neskuchny Sad landscaping agency using original architectural elements similar to sailboats. In the evenings, the fountain and the sails are illuminated with different colors, which creates a pleasant atmosphere for walking and relaxing. It should be noted that the Riverside high-class residential area includes 8 residential buildings: the 3 central houses form the Greek letter omega, which is enframed by five 20-storey towers, forming a semicircle. Setl City completed the construction of the residential part of the estate in the spring of 2016. Windows of each building command spectacular views of the river and the green spaces of Kamenny Island and Petrogradskaya Storona. The area has a developed infrastructure; a kindergarten for 140 children with a swimming pool and a carport for 1337 cars have been built and are already operating. The fountain in the Riverside residential estate is the second fountain independently built by Setl City. In June, an "English" fountain designed in the style of Trafalgar Square was opened in the Square of Europe in the London residential area in Kudrovo. The guests of the celebrations took part in master classes and competitions and had their pictures taken against the background of the London red booth and the double-decker. All in all, 2,000 visitors came to the event.

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