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Firewalls in GREENLandiya Residential Estate Become Art Objects

2014 may 21

At this very moment, specialists of GK Art Façade are turning the shorter sides of the houses in RE GREENLandiya into a new attraction of the district. The blank firewalls of two houses of the project’s first stage are being turned into a real gallery.

The concept of images in RE GREENLandiya is ‘Life behind the Windows of a House’. In each of the “windows” a story of its own is unfolded, with its unique individuality attributes: colored curtains, bright pot flowers or even wooden sun shutters. This idea makes it possible to create a variety of images rich in details, so that the residents of the estate could scrutinize them and constantly discover them from a new perspective. 

Setl City is one of the first companies in St. Petersburg to implement such projects in residential estates of the mass-market segment. The main objective is to create a bright, high-quality environment for the estate and to support the concept of the project, while using the “blind spots” of the houses – blank sides that are normally ignored by developers, to breathe life into them and to create a bright distinctive element of the environment.

It is to be recalled that GK Art Façade has already painted for Setl City the facades in the Vienna residential estate with fantasy reproductions of paintings by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt the Kiss and The Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

‘Buyers’ demand has long ago gone beyond the limits of the square meters bought under an agreement,’ comments Oleg Pashin, CEO of St. Petersburg Realty Project Development Center, the exclusive seller of RE GREENLandiya. ‘They are interested in the finishing of the lobbies, appearance of the promenade areas and, of course, façades. Judging by RE Vienna, where tenants have already moved into 9 houses, many of them appoint a meeting “between the paintings”, which have become a place of interest of the entire Kudrovo area.’

‘Our intention is to produce a fundamentally new outline of the everyday environment using economically justified methods by saturating it with aesthetics, comfort and functionality,’ Ilya Tyukin, Director of GK Art Façade, notes. ‘Residents of new blocks always respond very positively to such zestful touches, telling their friends with pride about their new house.’

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