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First Kindergarten Opened in Clear Sky Neighborhood

2018 june 01

The first kindergarten in the Clear Sky residential complex was ceremonially opened on June 1, the International Children’s Day. The ceremony was attended by Nikolai Tsed, head of the Primorsky District Administration. Representatives of Setl City (a company of Setl Group) gave the guests a tour around the playschool’s inner spaces and playgrounds in the yard. The kindergarten built and outfitted at Setl City’s own expense is designed for 190 kids. It was delivered late last year. The building contains halls for lessons of music and physical education, a sports ground and an outdoor games area are provided in the yard, and a playset with sliding boards is installed. Video surveillance systems are mounted along the perimeter. Currently, a second kindergarten for 190 children, with a swimming pool, is being constructed in the Clear Sky residential complex. The building's reinforced concrete frame has been fully completed. In 2018, Setl City intends to start building a third preschool facility of the neighborhood. The playschool with a swimming pool designed for 220 children will be arranged between the houses of Stage 5 and 6. The exclusive broker of the Clear Sky project is Petersburg Real Estate.

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