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Gorod Masterov (“Craftsmen’s Town”) to appear in Krasnoselsky District, St. Petersburg

2013 september 26

The development company Setl City (a Setl Group company) has developed the concept of a new housing estate named Gorod Masterov (“Craftsmen’s Town”) in Krasnoselsky District, St. Petersburg in the area limited by Sankt-Peterburgskoye shosse, prospect Budennogo, designed extension of Narodnogo Opolcheniya prospect and road No. 15 which is currently under design. The construction project on the area of 185 ha will include about 1.3 million sq.m. of comfort-class residential premises, 26 multi-storey parking facilities, 13 kindergartens, 5 high schools, 2 outpatient clinics, 2 sports centers with swimming pools, children’s school of arts and a number of other cultural facilities. “The project will feature many social, cultural and recreational facilities serving not only the district but the whole city as well”, says Maxim Shubarev, Chairman of the Setl Group Board of Directors. “It will provide a fundamentally new quality of the living environment having no peers among current projects in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. We will have to mobilize all of our forces and 20 years’ construction experience, including the unique experience in the comprehensive development of large areas”. The company is also considering plans for building in the new quarters the Krasnoselsky District House of Youth and Palace of Culture as well as the Krasnoselsky District Integrated Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Adults and Children. Special attention will be given to the areas designed for Russian traditional arts and crafts exhibitions and workshops. These facilities will be located in squares and other crossing points of pedestrian lines to become a distinctive feature of the project, popularizing Russian folk art for St. Petersburg residents and guests. Commercial properties will include 2 hotels, 2 business incubators, a business center and a number of shopping and entertainment centers and shops. The housing estate will also have recreational areas, sports grounds, playgrounds, roller-skating and skateboarding facilities, dog walking areas and pedestrian areas at the crossings of main roads. The internal traffic system will feature a network of closed-loop bike paths covering the entire living area of all quarters. The new residential quarters will not be of high rise, limited to a maximum of 12 storeys. The construction project is to be completed in 10 stages. The project implementation will require about 15 years with investments estimated at more than 100 billion rubles. The project is currently at the stage of design. Setl City is planning to develop several versions of architectural concepts and present them to the authorities and architecture community of St. Petersburg.

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