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Holding Setl Group helps St. Petersburg and its suburbs with snow removal

2019 february 28

Since the beginning of this year, employees of the Setl Group and the contracting organizations of the holding have been participating in snow removal in a number of districts of St. Petersburg and the suburban area of the Leningrad Region. For the cleaning of roads and sidewalks, the holding singled out backhoe loaders, Bobcat skid steer loaders, tractors with a brush and dump trucks.

Additional equipment, mechanized and manual labor are involved in such areas of the city as Petrograd, Krasnoselsky, Central, Nevsky, Vasileostrovsky, Vyborgsky, Krasnogvardeysky, Admiralty, Moscow and others. Clearing snow and frost from roads and pavements Setl Group helps in Kalininsky and Primorsky districts, as well as in Kronstadt, Murino and Kudrovo. The routes on which people and equipment work are developed by local administrations, who have been helped by the developer.

On the Petrograd side, snow was cleared and taken out on the streets of Bolshaya Zelenin, Ordinary, Writers, Professor Popov, the Red Cadet, as well as on Bolshoi and Petrovsky Avenues. The equipment of the holding also worked in “sleeping” areas - on the streets of Kotin, Kuznetsov, Paratroopers, Marshal Zakharov, Zamshin, Sofia Kovalevskaya, Ushinsky, Timurovskaya, as well as on Vitebsk and Grazhdansky avenues.

In the center - on Gagarinskaya Street, as well as in Baskov and Solyan streets.                      The holding helped to clear the areas of such avenues as Shaumyana, Svetlanovsky and Energetikov, Novolitovskaya and Granitnaya streets from snow and ice. Loaders and dump trucks cleaned up the territory on Bogatyrsky, Primorsky and Komendantsky avenues, Dibunovskaya, Savushkina, Shkolnaya, Pokrysheva streets. In Murino, Setl Group's equipment cleared sections of Mendeleev, Grafskaya, Shuvalov, Vorontsovsky Boulevard from snow.

                     Work on snow removal continues today, in agreement with the administrations of the districts.

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