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Investors Choose Small Spaces

2017 july 26

Petersburg Real Estate, the exclusive broker in the sale of commercial spaces in Setl City’s (a company of Setl Group) and partner companies’ residential estates, has summed up its 6 months’ performance. The volume of spaces sales in Setl City’s projects has grown by one third as compared to January-June 2016. Real estate 40-50 sq. m and 100-150 sq. m in area is in the keenest demand. Small chain stores, drugstores, confectioner's shops and many other facilities needed by the residents of the new residential areas will be opened in the small area spaces mainly on the ground floors of the residential houses, e.g., such as Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky) in Primorsky District, Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) in Krasnoselsky District and in other comfort-class estates. Besides, spaces 450 to 1200 sq. m in area in new residential area are popular. Usually, chain supermarkets that are in high demand among the locals are opened there. The price of a square meter of commercial spaces, depending on the area, location, storey and layout may vary from 150,000 to 260,000 rubles. Petersburg Real Estate notes that the activity of buyers in the segment of integrated spaces is at a high level. For example, in Setl Сity’s Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky) project, the commercial spaces offered for sale are of interest to buyers by their favorable location along the future Komendantsky Avenue. They are distinguished by display windows, regular layouts and high ceilings. It should be noted that in the first half of 2017, shopping malls, kindergartens, sports clubs, supermarkets, cafes, bakeries and many other facilities that residents need for a comfortable life were opened in the residential estates built by Setl City.

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