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It’s Easier Now To Drive Out Of Murino

2017 may 12

The installation of traffic lights at the corner of Shosseynaya Street and Road to Murino noticeably reduced the traffic pressure in peak hours. The residents of the GreenLandia complex by Setl City (part of Setl Group) will not have to waste their precious time at the drive into town. Setl City, jointly with the developers providing the integrated development of areas in the settlements of Murino and Bugry, Vsevolozhsk District of Leningrad Oblast, is implementing several projects for transport accessibility of the said areas. Installing a set of traffic lights at the corner of Shosseynaya Street and Road to Murino became the first step. Currently, this set operates in the test mode, but as soon as by the early autumn it is planned to expand Shosseynaya Street to four lanes. Also, the necessary additional pointers will be installed on the set of lights. Setl City is also directly involved in opening the driveway under the Ring Road aligned with Grazhdansky Prospekt. As of this day, a favorable opinion on the project has been obtained from the state expert appraisal board, and the activity to obtain work authorization is underway. The opening of the underpass under the Ring Road will become the first milestone in the implementation of the interchange with the Ring Road. The design documentation is currently undergoing a state expert appraisal. The technical coordinator for these project is Regional Agency for Transport Infrastructure (RATI LLC) established by the Directorate for Development of the Transport System of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Thus, the community will get a convenient network of road interchanges, so that the residents of new neighborhoods of Vsevolozhsk District will waste minimum time on driving to St. Petersburg.

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