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Musical Walls in Vienna Estate

2014 july 28

In Vienna residential estate being built by Setl City within the Seven Capitals project in Kudrovo, GK Art Façade starts painting the side firewalls of house No. 41. Two paintings united by the common “Viennese waltz” concept will be made on the blind façade parts of the building. New frescos will become the second place of interest of Vienna: a year ago, fantasy reproductions of paintings by Gustav Klimt, a famous Austrian painter, were made on the shorter sides of house No. 7.

The “Viennese waltz” concept suggested by GK Art Façade is based on the image of Vienna as the world musical capital: it is with this city that still remains the world center of classical music that names of many great composers are associated. The painting will be a copy of the original music score of the Viennese waltz.

‘The painting on the façades based on Gustav Klimt’s works has been appreciated both by the residents of the Vienna Estate and by the professional community,’ Ilya Yeryomenko, CEO of Setl City, notes. ‘That is why we have made a decision to develop this idea and to decorate another two side firewalls with theme-related paintings.’

It should be noted that the work with façades will not stop at that in the Vienna estate. Plans for the future imply enhancing the atmospheric touch of the project. GK Art Façade has already created projects for painting on minor structures in the territory of the estate, e.g., on transformer units, which will bear images of shop windows of cosy Viennese coffee houses, depicting delicacies of ‘gastronomic Vienna’. 

‘We witness the formation of a St. Petersburg’s residential estate saturated with references to the dominating features of Austrian culture. It vividly shoes how an atmosphere can be created and the necessary mood conveyed with low costs that are possible when a comfort-class project is implemented. A really favorable conceptual environment is being formed in the estate, the residents can be proud of it, and I am sure that it will be referred to as an interesting example in the professional community,’ Ilya Tyukin, Director of GK Art Façade comments. 

RE Vienna is one of the few comfort-class projects in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region that have a vivid concept reflected in the environment of the site: the layout of the estate repeats the arrangements of houses in the capital of Austria, a city with a regular-shaped development.  Besides, a distinctive feature of the design of the Vienna estate consists in the original color concepts of façades.

It is to be recalled that at the moment the construction of the Vienna estate is in its final phase. The last stage is under construction and will be commissioned in a year. The entire Seven Capitals project, which includes Vienna, is expected to be completed in 2018. 7 kindergartens, 2 schools, 3 sporting venues, the Square of Europe pedestrian area in the London block and many shopping and service facilities such as cafés, restaurants, drugstores, bank offices, medical centers and beauty parlors will be built here.

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