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Neskuchny Garden in the Courtyard of RE Riverside

2014 april 23

Setl City has made a contract with the Neskuchny Garden landscape design bureau for the development of a project for designing the courtyard area of the Riverside high-class residential area being built on Ushakovskaya Embankment. Abundance of greenery, a network of bicycle paths, the division of playgrounds for children by kids’ age categories and the absence of permanently parked cars are the basic principles of the new estate’s courtyard design.

A central square with an original-design fountain and with a large pedestrian area with benches, flowerbeds and parterres around will be the attraction center of the entire residential estate.  Not far there will be a big adventure playground for children, where kids of all ages will find something to do to their liking. A separate see-saw area will ensure the maximum safety for the little residents.

Sports grounds and own stadium of the residential estate will attract older residents. Jogging in the morning will be more pleasant thanks to paths covered with colored decorative asphalt.

‘The main goal the developer has set is to ensure comfort for absolutely all residents of RE Riverside ,’ comments Andrey  Petrov, manager of the Center of Elite Projects of Petersburg Real Estate PDC, the project’s exclusive broker. ‘So the main idea consists in dividing the main flows, allowing them to move without obstacles in parallel to each other. Mothers with prams will not run into bicyclists, older children into tots in a sandpit, and motorists into pedestrians. No permanent parking in courtyards is planned in the Riverside estate in principle, as a spacious underground car-park for 1162 cars is provided for that purpose.’

Many trees and bushes, specially allotted green “oases”, original-design outdoor lighting, bright flowerbeds and paved walkways – all that will create an inimitable feeling of comfort and an atmosphere of own green courtyard hidden from the city’s fuss and from the noise of thoroughfares.

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