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Petersburg Real Estate and Setl City are Ranked as the Best

2015 november 27

Delovoy Petersburg newspaper has given awards to Setl Group holding company’s top managers in the framework of the traditional TOP-100 Award, which names the best in St. Petersburg’s business.  Ilya Yeremenko, CEO of Setl City, has been given the “Breakthrough of the Year” prize, and  Oleg Pashin, CEO of Petersburg Real Estate Project Development Center, won the prize in the “Broker of the Year” nomination.

The awards have undoubtedly been given to the ablest persons. Setl City has been deservedly recognized as the leader: the commissioning volumes have increased 15 times for the recent five years. From the beginning of 2015 the company has commissioned 278,000 sq. m, including 3 kindergartens and a school. Before the year expires, it is expected that another 356,000 sq. m, including another kindergarten, will be commissioned. Thus, the total commissioning volume for 2015 is to exceed 600,000 sq. m. in 2016 the company intends to commission over 1 million sq. m, including 5 kindergartens and a shopping and entertainment mall.

For the last year, Petersburg Real Estate increased its share in the market of new buildings by 5%, from 25% to 30%. A third of the housing under construction in St. Petersburg and the suburban area of Leningrad Region that has been sold in 2015 will be covered by transactions of the biggest broker in this region. While the total volume of demand in the market has decreased by 25% in the current year, Petersburg Real Estate made 7% more transactions with newly built houses for the ten months of 2015 than for the ten months of the feverish year 2014. 

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