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Planetograd RE is Recognized the Best Construction Site in St. Petersburg

2017 november 17

The Planetograd residential estate built by Setl City (part of the Setl Group) has been recognized as the winner in two categories of the Stroymaster-2017 city professional contest: "The Best Construction Site" and "The Best Construction Camp". The 10th anniversary award ceremony took place on November 16 in the St. Petersburg Palace of Labor. The contest committee has appreciated the quality of the preparation of Planetograd RE's site and the developer’s compliance with the safety, environmental and health standards. All necessary conditions for the work and recreation of construction teams at lunchtime and after the shift have been ensured at the facility. Planetograd is a low-rise residential estate being built by Setl City in Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg. It will consist of 4 quarters (8 lots named after the planets of the Solar System) around the Sun square. At the moment, houses are being built in the Zemlya ("Earth") quarter. It should be noted that in October Planetograd RE received the main award of the "Building Quality Leader" contest in the nomination "The Best Low-Rise Construction Site". Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Planetograd project. The Stroymaster-2017 professional contest was organized by the Government of St. Petersburg with the support of the Trade Union of Builders. The main goal of the competition is to make blue-collar occupations more sought after among young people and to improve the quality of the construction work. For 10 years, 2000 workers took part in the competition, and the contest committee visited 150 construction sites. 

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