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Setl City Becomes the Leader in the Market of a High-class Housing

2014 november 27

According to a study carried out by the analysis group of the BN portal, Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has become the leader in the market of high-class housing by offering sites for sale. For three quarters of 2014, the company has brought over 100,000 sq. m to the market and has occupied 40% of the market. 

According to the study, the new-built housing market of the business and elite segments in St. Petersburg grew 2.24 times, from 110,000 sq. m to 248,000 sq. m, by the volume of the housing brought to the housing market for the period from quarter 4 of 2012 till quarter 3 of 2014. 

While in 2012-2013, the peak of offering new sites was in autumn, in 2014 the maximum volume was achieved in winter, during the stampede sales. According to Petersburg Real Estate, the maximum demand for high-class housing was observed in February, and in October-November 2014. 

All in all, Setl City offered to the market 100,200 sq. m of high-class housing for three quarters of the current year, leaving the closest competitors behind. With that indicator, the company became the leader and occupied 40% of the market of business- and premium-class housing under construction. 

It is to be recalled that in 2014 Petersburg Real Estate, the exclusive broker of Setl City’s projects, brought to the market four new high-class residential estates. They are The Residence on Vasilyevsky Island, Mirozdanie (“The Universe”) in Petrogradskaya Storona, The House in Kirochnaya in Tsentralny District, and Stockholm opposite Yelagin Island. Besides, new buildings in the Riverside project on Ushakovskaya Embankment were brought to the market.  

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