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Setl City: Best Taxpayer in Leningrad Oblast

2018 august 09

Setl City (part of Setl Group) was recognized as the best taxpayer at the competition “Best Construction Company / Construction Material Maker / Construction Industry Company in Leningrad Oblast 2017.” The company remitted 511,756,000 rubles of taxes to the Oblast budget in 2017. In all, over the years of Setl City’s operation in Leningrad Oblast, its amount of actually paid taxes was over 2 billion rubles. The awards were handed in Roschino on August 8. Ilya Yeremenko, General Manager of Setl City, received the Certificate from Mikhail Moskvin, Deputy Chairman (Construction) of the Leningrad Oblast Government. The competition was sponsored by the Oblast's Union of Construction Organizations with support by the Government of Leningrad Oblast. The jury consists of developers, officials, and experts of the construction sector, and the awarding of the competition winners was timed to coincide with the Builder’s Day celebration.  Last year, Setl City also was among the winners, and ahead of all competitors in its award category. The main screening criteria were the developer’s spotless reputation, compliance with the law, complete and timely payment of taxes to the budget of Leningrad Oblast, completion of construction plans, and fulfillment of social commitments. It should be noted that earlier this year, Setl City completed the housing construction in “Seven Capitals” (“Vienna” and “London” communities) in Kudrovo, the most ambitious comfort class project of all those completed in Petersburg and Oblast. The project’s implementation lasted for eight years, from 2010. The total area of real estate built by Setl City was about 960,000 sq. m, of which the apartments’ area is about 630,000 sq. m. Setl City provided the residential estate with social and shopping/services infrastructure. Within the Vienna neighborhood there are three municipal kindergartens and a general education school designed for 600 students. The school construction design was recognized as a model one by the RF Ministry of Construction, and its documentation recommended for replication at the federal level. In Murino, Setl City has proceeded to build the last stage of another, equally grand scale project – “GreenLandia-1,2.” The scheduled time of commissioning of the last buildings is Quarter 4 of 2019. Setl City erects residential houses complete with built-in kindergartens, and this spring, the developer commissioned a general education school designed for 1175 students, in GreenLandia-1 RE. When the construction is completed, an up-to-date neighborhood will appear near Devyatkino subway station, provided with everything necessary for comfortable life, including shops “on the doorstep,” cafes, beauty parlors, an out-patient clinic within the RE limits, and fitness centers. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of Setl City projects.

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