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Setl City Is Building a House in Kirochnaya

2014 september 29

Setl City has started the construction a premium-class residential building in Kirochnaya street in Tsentralny District of St. Petersburg. The house to be completed in the second quarter of 2016 will blend in with the existing composition of Kirochnaya street and will favourably supplement the architectural ensemble of this prestigious part of the city. St. Petersburg Realty, the exclusive broker of the project, has already started the sales.

The project of the new house has been prepared by the Intercolumnium bureau. It is based on the eclectic architectural style characteristic of the 19th century St. Petersburg. The façade has been made using picturesque elements peculiar to the historical buildings: columns, cornices, wrought iron railings of balconies. A corner bay tower spectacularly completing the architectural appearance of the intersection of Kirochnaya street and Degtyarny lane will be the dominant of the building. The project provides for natural stone finishing of the façade, and there will be open terraces on the attic floors. 

Nine storeys are designed in the new building, two of which will be attic floors. The ground floor will be occupied by integrated spaces 539 sq. m in total area intended for offices and a Family Development Center. Besides, the project provides for an underground car-park for 52 cars. There will be 69 apartments 7,375 sq. m in total area in the residential part of the building.

The project is being implemented on a land plot 2,403 sq. m in area rented by the company. The land plot is bounded by Kirochnaya street, Degtyarny lane and a nameless driveway. The closed form of the House in Kirochnaya architectural ensemble and of the neighbouring building in Degtyarny lane makes it possible to arrange in the residential estate a detached courtyard, which will be situated on the multipurpose roofing of the car-park. Green spaces will be arranged in the courtyard, there will be driveways, lawns and flowerbeds, sports grounds and playgrounds for children, promenade and recreation areas. The pedestrian walkway system takes into account its maximum possible separation from motor roads.

Setl City is one of the few companies that have gained vast experience in the construction and renovation of buildings in the historical part of St. Petersburg. The company has implemented a number of projects in Tsentralny, Petrogradsky and other districts of the city. Most of them have been honoured with various architectural and public prizes and awards. Setl City’s projects include the first start-up complex of the federal project for the construction of the Higher School of Management of the St. Petersburg State University within the Mikhailovskaya Dacha palace and park ensemble,  Stella Maris – a unique house with its own embankment,  the residential house Severny Modern (Northern Moderne) in Petrogradskaya that has been recognized by the Zhivoy Gorod (Live City) movement as the best project of a residential building fitted in St. Petersburg’s historical architecture.

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