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Setl City Builds a Sun City (Solnechny Gorod)

2014 october 15

The development company Setl City (part of the Setl Group) has started implementing a large-scale project under the title of Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. About 1.4 million sq. m of comfort-class housing will be built in the area of 185 ha, as well as 18 multi-storeyed car-parks, 11 kindergartens, 4 comprehensive schools, 2 outpatient clinics for adults and 2 such clinics for children, 1 sports center and many shopping and service facilities. St. Petersburg Realty, the exclusive broker of the project, has already started sales in the first house of the new residential area.

The land plot bounded by Sankt-Peterburgskoye highway, Budyonnogo avenue, the projected continuation of Narodnogo Opolcheniya avenue and a thoroughfare under design will be developed by Setl City during 15 years. The roughly estimated volume of investment in the project is 116 billion roubles.

“In our projects we try not to confine our efforts to the construction of kindergartens and schools,” Ilya Yeryomenko, CEO of Setl City, notes. “Promenade and recreation areas, a network of bicycle paths and bicycle parking facilities, long boulevards where people can walk, a spectacularly decorated pedestrian square, courtyards free from cars, shops and various service providers within walking distance... We have done our best to provide for everything to create a really convenient environment for the residents of Solnechny Gorod.” 

The new residential areas will not have high-rise buildings, there will be from 5 to 12 storeys. The first two houses that are already being built within the 1st stage will have 2,372 apartments. There will be tenants' store-rooms about 600 sq. m in total area in the basements. Besides, the project provides for an integrated attached car-park for 526 cars. According to the Developer’s construction schedule, the commissioning is expected in the 4th quarter of 2016.

The first stage is being built not far from the intersection of the perspective continuation of Veteranov avenue and a thoroughfare under design.  A theme park for children and adults over 5 ha in total area will be laid in the same place. The concept of this green area is being developed at the moment.

The first social facilities will be built as early as during the winter to come, 2 kindergartens for 220 kids each to be commissioned in 2016 and a school for 1,375 pupils in 2017.

The main distinguishing feature of the new residential area is a network of boulevards leading to Solnechny Gorod’s main thoroughfare that will be passing from west to east through the entire area being developed. 

A huge pedestrian city square almost 1.5 ha in size connected to the central boulevard of the residential area will be the attraction center for all blocks. Surrounded by shopping and entertainment malls, it is sure to become the favourite place where residents of Solnechny Gorod will meet and walk.

It is worth noting that Setl City has paid special attention to traffic matters. To minimize the number of motor vehicles in the streets of the residential area, an underground car-park is designed under each house. Moreover, the designed multi-storeyed parking garages are situated on the boundaries of the area, not inside it, in order to minimize the transit traffic. For the same reason, big shopping and entertainment areas will be situated at the exits from the residential estate, too, to prevent an increase of the transport flow inside the residential areas by visitors of the malls. A network of bicycle paths will be laid for the convenience of residents’ movement in Solnechny Gorod.

The surrounding areas of Solnechny Gorod are rich in architectural and natural places of interest. 4 parks (Novoznamenka, Sosnovaya Polyana, Polezhayevsky and Yuzhno-Primorsky) are situated within about two kilometers. Within 5 minutes’ driving distance there is the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna, and within 15 minutes there is Peterhoff with its palace and park ensemble with the fountains famous all over the world.

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