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Setl City Builds the Square of Europe

2017 february 13

Setl City (a company of the Setl Group) has commissioned houses 9/2, 9/3, 9/4 and 9/5 in the London estate in Kudrovo and completed the construction of the pedestrian Square of Europe in the very heart of the Seven Capitals residential area. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the project.

The commissioned buildings have been erected around the Square of Europe, where all red promenade boulevards transpiercing the Seven Capitals residential area converge. In the centre of the square paved with decorative flagstones of various colours, there is a fountain that will be launched in summer. Recognizable symbols of the capital of England have been used for the design of the street space: red telephone booths, images of double-decker buses, and the pattern of the British flag.

There are 1525 one-, two- and three-room apartments after complete finishing and integrated commercial spaces 3,700 sq. m in total area in the commissioned houses. An underground car-park for 270 cars was commissioned along with the residential buildings.

Thus, 32 residential houses, 3 kindergartens, a school and a detached shopping mall have already been commissioned in the Seven Capitals residential area. The project is distinguished by a well thought-out arrangement, including a promenade area along the brook, original outdoor lighting, children's and sports grounds, a soccer stadium, pedestrian boulevards, and elements of landscape design. Bright façades of each house and walls decorated with paintings and artistic elements create a unique atmosphere in the neighborhoods.

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