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Setl City Commissions a Kindergarten in the ZimaLeto Residential Estate in Energetikov Avenue

2019 january 10

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has commissioned an up-to-date kindergarten with a swimming pool in the ZimaLeto residential estate in Krasnogvardeysky District. The kindergarten, which is over 5,000 square meters in area, will admit 190 children in 8 groups, from pre-school to nursery. Setl City has funded the construction and design of the preschool institution. The façades of the three-storey building are decorated with thin-layer beige plaster having bright green-blue inserts. The basement has been faced with dark porcelain gres tiles. The kindergarten has a swimming pool with cloakrooms and shower cubicles, a gymnasium and a music room, and rooms for hobby groups. The project provides for a café and a cafeteria, a medical office and rooms for individual sessions of a psychologist and a speech therapist with children. The building of the kindergarten is fenced, and on the ground floor there is a security room, from which all video signals are sent to a single supervisory console. There is a well-equipped playing area, grounds with canopies and a sports ground in the courtyard. Bright slides and climbing facilities have been installed. Trees and shrubs have been planted. Setl City completed the construction of the residential part of the ZimaLeto project in August 2018. The company also landscaped the embankment of Bolshaya Okhta near the residential estate for its own account. A bicycle path about 700 m in length was laid, a convenient promenade area was arranged on a section of the embankment almost 12,000 sq. m in area, and willow trees were planted. Later, the residents themselves were able to make a contribution to upgrading the territory near the residential estate. On October 6, the developer organized an ecofestival on the renovated embankment of the river. The construction of a comprehensive school for 450 pupils continues in the ZimaLeto residential estate. The four-storey school building more than 14,600 square meters in total area consists of an educational building, a sports unit and premises for various events. The school will have two swimming pools, class-rooms for workshops, an assembly hall, a library with a reading room and a book depository, a canteen, and a medical office. Commissioning of the school is expected in Q3 2019. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the ZimaLeto project.

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