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Setl City Commissions House 13/1 in the London Estate in Kudrovo

2017 august 07

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has commissioned the residential house 13/1 in the London estate of the Seven Capitals comfort-class residential area in Kudrovo. The house consists of seven sections with a varying number of storeys (from 9 to 25). Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the project. In house 13/1, apartments from studios to three-room flats with glazed balconies and loggias have been designed. It should be noted that at present, the construction of the Seven Capitals residential area is at its final stage. The Vienna residential area has been completed, and in 2018 the last residential houses in the London estate will be commissioned.  The Seven Capitals residential area is distinguished by a well-developed social, shopping and servicing infrastructure. A school for 600 pupils and two kindergartens have been opened there, and another kindergarten has been commissioned. The design of the residential area is one of the Setl City’s most original concepts. The estates are built in the style of the two European capitals. The Vienna residential area has been built in the image and likeness of the capital of Austria and decorated with wall-paintings in Gustav Klimt’s style. The houses have bright eye-catching façades. Recognizable images of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London red booths are used in the design of the London estate's residential space. In June, Setl City and Petersburg Real Estate opened a fountain in the center of the pedestrian Square of Europe and organized grand celebrations for the estate's residents.

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