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Setl City Commissions Houses of the 14th Stage in London RE a Quarter Ahead of Schedule

2018 march 28

Setl City (a company of the Setl Group) has commissioned 7 buildings of the 14th stage of the London residential estate in the Seven Capitals residential area in Kudrovo a quarter ahead of the schedule. This is the penultimate construction stage of the project. The 14th start-up unit contains houses with 12-25 storeys and with apartments ranging from studios to two-room ones. In the courtyards, there are two playgrounds for kids with bright playing facilities, swings and sandpits, as well as an adult recreation area and a sports ground with fitness equipment. In the spring, Setl City will landscape the adjacent territory; cotoneaster, seedlings of spruce, and spherical willow (Salix fragilis f. globosa) will be planted. The commissioning of the last, 15th stage of the project, is expected soon. The stage includes one apartment building with apartments from studios to three-room ones. The London and Vienna REs are two parts of a comfortable residential area in Kudrovo. The estates are built in the style of European capitals: the firewalls of the houses in "Vienna" are decorated with reproductions of paintings by the famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, while the design of the hallways in "London" uses the images of Big Ben and red telephone booths. The heart of the residential area is the English fountain on the Europe Square, that was opened by Setl City and Petersburg Real Estate in 2017. A network of walkways connects parts of the neighborhoods with each other, forming a single cozy interior space. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Seven Capitals project.  

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