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Setl City Completed Residential Part Of Riverside MFC

2016 march 30

Setl City has commissioned the third stage of the project of the Riverside multifunctional complex on Ushakovskaya Embankment comprising two twenty-storey residential buildings (G4 and G5) and an integrated/attached parking lot. 

The commissioned residential buildings are the final link of the residential part of the Riverside MFC, completing the architectural composition of five high-rise buildings arranged around a residential house that resembles the shape of the letter Omega of the Greek alphabet. 

The floor area in the two commissioned buildings is 22,300 m2, and the total number of apartments is 313. The parking lot of 8,000 m2 put in operation under Stage 3 forms part of an integrated/attached parking lot of 50,000 m2, for 1337 cars (the most part of which is already completed).

Riverside is a high-class multifunctional estate being constructed by Setl City in a plot of 6.8 hectares on Ushakovskaya Quay. As part of the estate, six residential buildings have already been erected, 17 and 20 storeys high, with business-class and premium-class apartments, a kindergarten for 140 children with a swimming pool, and several sections of a roofed parking lot for 1076 cars in all. Within a year, the construction of the last sections of the parking lot for 261 cars in all will be completed, as well as two office buildings five and eight storeys high, making the final phase of implementation of the project. 

The residential part of the estate includes a building shaped like the capital letter Omega of the Greek alphabet, and five tower buildings. The project provides for apartments from one-room to six-room, in particular for spacious apartments with a view, with terraces on top floors. Apartments are delivered to the buyers as prepared for fine finish. The total area of the apartments built in the Riverside MFC during the project implementation is about 104,000 m2, their total number being 1382. 87% of the apartments in the residential complex have been sold.

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