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Setl City Completes the Construction of the MORE Residential Estate

2016 august 11

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has commissioned the last, fourth, stage of the MORE residential estate situated within the Baltic Pearl estate in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. All in all, 20,4 ha of land have been developed within the project, where 10 houses have been built on 281,000 sq. m of apartments after complete finishing and car-parks for 2999 cars.

The fourth stage of the project is a single residential house of 17 sections with 5 and 20 storeys. 1332 apartments about 55,000 sq. m in total area are situated here. A part of the ground floors are used as commercial spaces about 1,300 sq. m in the aggregate area. Besides, an integrated attached underground car-park for 377 cars with multipurpose roofing has been built.

The MORE RE is distinguished by its favourable location near water bodies and green areas. Many apartments in the estate boast a view of the Gulf of Finland. The first two stages have been built along the Matisov Canal, and the fourth stage is not far from the Duderhof Canal. In immediate proximity to the new residential estate there are Yuzhno-Primorsky and Polezhaevsky Parks.

The construction of the MORE RE has taken 5 years. The roughly estimated total volume of investment in the project is 25 billion roubles.

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