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Setl City Develops the Amenities Infrastructure of Primorsky District

2016 september 26

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has started the construction of a detached kindergarten for 190 kids with a swimming pool in the Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky) residential area being built by the company in Primorsky District of St. Petersburg. The commissioning of the site is expected early in 2018, after which the Developer will hand over the kindergarten to the city’s authorities.

The new kindergarten for 190 kids will be situated in a three-storey building 5,300 sq. m in total area in the courtyard of the first three stages of the construction. Right near it, another kindergarten for 190 kids, too, is being built already and is to be commissioned in the middle of 2017. The City Administration has slated the construction of a school for 1375 pupils in the same courtyard on a land plot that has been handed over by the developer under a deed of gift.

At the moment, besides the public amenities, seven residential houses with eight carports are being built, and the first of them are expected to be commissioned as early as next year. Besides, the commissioning of own boiler house to service the entire Clear Sky residential area is scheduled for October this year.

Clear Sky will occupy 98 ha, where 1.3 million sq. m of housing and 14 social amenity sites will be built with a number of retail and service facilities. A distinguishing feature of the residential estate is the abundance of green areas: about 45 ha are to be landscaped. Moreover, a united landscaped recreation area will be created on over 11 ha for children and adults on the adjacent plot along Kamenka river.

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