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Setl City Has Completed Building a Park near Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) Residential Estate

2018 october 23

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has completed all operations for building a recreational park 50,000 sq. m in area near the Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) residential estate in Krasnoselsky District. Starting from today, the park is open for visitors. Design and construction has been entirely funded by Setl City. The construction work has taken a little longer than a year. For this time, a landscaped cozy park equaling gardens Vasileostrovets, Stroganovsky and Vyazemsky in size has been arranged near the residential estate. According to the unique design project, the interior of the park has been divided into various theme areas: a playing area with bright children’s playgrounds for various ages, a sports area, a promenade zone and recreation areas. Equipment of the soccer stadium with stands and that of volleyball and basketball playgrounds has been completely installed. A dog training ground has been fenced. Footpaths have been laid out in the park, their smooth lines forming a comfortable interior space, consisting of separate green sections with hedges and mini-hills. Trees and shrubs have been planted, including bird cherry trees, willows, chestnuts, maples, limes, rowan trees, apple trees, fir trees, larches, light and purple barberries, hawthorns, arrowwoods, cotoneasters, bush roses, white, light violet and pink lilacs. A billboard with the name of the residential estate has been installed in the park with a paved square with benches near it. The park's lanterns create an atmosphere of comfort in the evening. The recreation park is one of Setl City’s numerous contributions to creating a comfortable residential environment for the Sun City project. Thus, the construction of a shopping mall with an underground parking lot will be funded by the company. The building is to match the style of the residential estate, the façades to be faced with porcelain gres. Setl City has already started preparing the site for the construction of the shopping mall. Commissioning is expected early in 2020. Setl City also takes care of building various social infrastructure facilities. There are already two kindergartens with swimming pools for 220 kids each and a comprehensive school for 1,375 children with two swimming pools in the residential estate. All social institutions have been designed and built at the expense of Setl City. Besides, the company has completed the design of the third kindergarten and the second school for the residential estate, favourable opinions of the government expert review panel having been received. The construction of the educational institutions is to be started this year. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Sun City project.

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