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Setl City has won an award from the Leningradskaya Region authorities

2015 december 07

Vitaly Zhdanov, Chairman of Committee on Capital Construction of Leningradskaya region has awarded Setl City a Certificate of Merit for its «Substantial input in developing the social infrastructure of the Leningradskaya region» during the «Consumers Trust, 2015» recognition ceremony.

Setl City has become one of the first participant companies of the «Social Facilities for Taxes» regional program. Kindergartens and schools are actively constructed within the scope of that program. The GreenLand comfort-class micro-district by «Devyatkino» metro station has already seen two kindergartens to lodge 240 thus commissioned; eight more kindergartens and two schools will emerge by the end of implementing that project. Within the scope of «Seven Capitals» micro-district, Kudrovo a school of 600 capacity and 2 kindergartens have been commissioned. All in all, the «Social Facilities for Taxes» program will have 7 kindergartens and 2 schools built in that residential complex. 

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