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Setl City is Kudrovo's Most Obliging Developer

2016 march 04

According to experts of Russia’s Guild of Property Managers and Developers (GMD), Setl City is Kudrovo’s most obliging developer who has implemented as much as possible the plans announced to buyers as concerns creating a comfortable living environment in its Seven Capitals residential estate.

On February 24, GMD’s Council of Experts for Integrated Urban Development went on an inspection trip to the Kudrovo area under the Integrated Urban Development Compliance Register project. The members of the Council inspected big residential development sites in Kudrovo and assessed their actual compliance with the parameters announced at the start. 

The experts of the Council thoroughly assessed and analyzed the projects against such parameters as social infrastructure, availability of public transport and development of street-and-road network, comprehensive improvement and landscape gardening, meeting the needs of population groups with limited mobility, safety and comfort. Construction technologies, the finishing of public spaces and apartment layouts were also taken into account.

According to the results of the inspection, Setl City rated as the leader among developers, having shown 98% of project compliance with the announced plans. Thus, the rating of Integrated Urban Development projects in Kudrovo has shown that it is Setl City’s buyer who gets the most reliable information about a future project and, therefore, chooses decent livable conditions. 

The Seven Capitals area project provides for the construction of 44 residential houses, 2 schools and 7 kindergartens, a shopping and entertainment mall, many shopping and service facilities, as well as a promenade area along the brook, and a pedestrian Square of Europe with a fountain. By today, 16 residential houses, 2 kindergartens for 110 kids each and a school for 600 pupils have been commissioned.

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