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Setl City Is Named Best Comfort Class Dwelling Developer Again

2016 april 18

The developer company Setl City (part of Setl Group) became the winner in the “Best Comfort Class Dwelling Construction Company” nomination of the annual industrial competition “Builder of the Year”.

The main assessment criteria were the scope of construction and commissioning, awards of industrial competitions, and references by dedicated committees and supervision authorities based on the company’s 2015 results. Note that Setl City is awarded in this nomination for a second year on end.

The company was given this top award by the expert panel due to such comfort class projects as the residential complexes MORE in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg and GREENLandia near Devyatkino subway station. 

226,000 sq. m of floor area have already been commissioned in the MORE complex, and 55,700 sq. m more are under construction. The community is already well lived-in and landscaped, with operative shops, beauty parlors, drugstores, cafes, and bakeries – everything needed for comfortable life of city residents. An operative school and kindergartens are in a nearby estate, on the grounds of the Baltic Pearl complex.  

In the GREENLandia estate near Devyatkino subway station, where 1.15 million sq. m of floor area are to appear, 215,000 sq. m of floor area have already been commissioned, with most of the buildings delivered ahead of schedule. Three kindergartens have also been commissioned. Four more kindergartens are under construction, and in the months to come Setl City will start erecting a school. The grounds of the first block in order, where all the houses have already been delivered, are completely improved and landscaped. It has a cherry orchard, and bright playgrounds with safety surfacing, and a soccer and basketball arena, and may other advantages. Food stores, a beauty parlor, and other infrastructure are in operation. 

The awarding was a ceremonial event where construction market players received awards in 12 nominations. The initiators of this prestigious industrial competition in St. Petersburg were the Association of St. Petersburg Builders, Union of Construction Associations and Organizations, and Association of Banks of the North-West. The competition is supported by the Government of St. Petersburg. 

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