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Setl City Kaliningrad: High Energy Saving Standards

2016 april 19

The Lake City residential complex being constructed by Setl City in Svetlogorsk received the highest rating at energy saving Class A+. 

This class was assigned to House No. 1 of the Lake City estate as a result of a thermovision inspection carried out by a specialist laboratory. Class A+ corresponds to the highest standards set by the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government on requirements for energy efficiency of buildings.

House No. 1 is already in the final construction phase. The features of the building are its advanced engineering and architectural solutions: suspended ventilated façade, floor-to-ceiling glazing of balconies, wide window apertures, usable roof with sun terraces, public space lighting system using motion detectors, and indirect heating system. The apartment windows offer a view of Lake Tikhoye. 

It should be reminded that the completion of the entire Lake City complex in Svetlogorsk is scheduled for the end of the year 2020. By that time, about 50,000 sq. m of business class housing will be delivered in the plot of 5 hectares in the block between Maisky Drive and Kaliningradsky Avenue.

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