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Setl City Publishes its Program for Social Facilities Construction in Leningrad Region for Next 7 Years

2013 october 04

Within the next 7 years Setl City will build 16 pre-school and secondary education sites more than 80,000 sq. m in total area under two integrated development projects, Seven Capitals and GREENLandiya. The roughly estimated investment in the construction of the social facilities will amount to 4 billion roubles. Today, on October 4, an official meeting of Georgy Bogachyov, Vice-governor of Leningrad Region, and Ilya Yeryomenko, Setl City’s CEO, dedicated to interaction in social infrastructure development in Vsevolozhsk District of Leningrad Region has taken place in Kudrovo. The following plans of Setl City in social facilities construction have been announced during the meeting:

  • 7 kindergartens for 980 children in the Seven Capitals residential estate (Kudrovo);
  • 2 schools for 1700 pupils in the Seven Capitals residential estate (Kudrovo);
  • 6 kindergartens for 680 children in the GREENLandiya residential estate (Murino);
  • 1 school for 1175 pupils in the GREENLandiya residential estate (Murino).
The target program is to be implemented within 7 years, through the year 2019. For that time, the company will transfer more than 2.3 billion roubles to the budget of the region in taxes. According to the Social Facilities in Exchange for Taxes program, a part of them will be returned to the developer as reimbursement for the construction of kindergartens and schools. The first agreement of cooperation concerning the Seven Capitals residential estate according to this scheme was signed between the Government of Leningrad Region and Setl City on October 2, 2013. The company is planning to sign a similar document soon for its second regional project, GREENLandiya. According to a preliminary calculation, the investment value per child in a kindergarten or a comprehensive school varies within 800,000-900,000 roubles. Thus, during the next 7 years Setl City will invest about 4 billion roubles in the development of the social infrastructure of Vsevolozhsk District of Leningrad Region. Besides, the ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of a comprehensive school for 600 pupils in the Vienna residential estate was held during the meeting. This is the second social facility to be built in the territory of the Seven Capitals residential area; in July this year the construction of a kindergarten for 110 children started. Moreover, in August the building of another two kindergartens for 240 children all in all started in the GREENLandiya residential estate. Thus, at the moment Setl City is already building about 22,000 sq. m of future social infrastructure sites in Vsevolozhsk District.

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