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Setl City Recognized As Best Developer

2017 april 21

The company Setl City (part of Setl Group) became the winner in two nominations of the annual “Builder of the Year” professional competition. The company was recognized as the best in comfort class housing construction, in elite property, and in the business segment. The competition’s expert panel assessed the participants by their scope of housing construction and commissioning, and considered opinions of dedicated committees and supervisory authorities and achievements in professional skill competitions. In 2016, Setl City commissioned over 785,000 sq. m of residential property, once again proving its leader status in this segment. Of these, 189,000 sq. m was delivered ahead of schedule. For instance, next buildings were delivered in such comfort class projects as Sun City residential complex in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg, GREENLandia RC near Devyatkino subway station, ZimaLeto RC in Krasnogvardeisky District, and London block in the Seven Capitals community in Kudrovo. The construction of Мore RC in the city’s Krasnoselsky District was fully completed. Besides, Setl City commissioned about 136,000 sq. m of elite housing in 2016. It is projects fitting harmoniously into St. Petersburg’s historic quarters. Among them is The Residence RC in Vasilievsky Island, 3rd stage of Riverside RC in Primorsky District, the completely reconstructed building of the early 20th century known as “House at the City Hall,” and “House in Kirochnaya” RC in Central District. St. Petersburg Realty is the exclusive broker of all of the projects of Setl City. The initiators of the prestigious “Builder of the Year” professional competition in St. Petersburg are the SRO Association of St. Petersburg’s Builders, Union of Construction Associations and Organizations, and the Banks Association of the North-West. The Government of St. Petersburg is a co-sponsor of the competition. It should be noted that it is not the first time that Setl City receives the award. Several years in a row, the expert panel has recognized the company as the best developer in several nominations.

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