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Setl City Replants 38 Mature Spruces from Polyustrovo to Murino

2016 may 16

While preparing the construction site for its new Polyustrovo Park residential complex, Setl City elected not to fell the grown-up trees on the plot, and decided to replant them to the yards of the GREENLandia estate being constructed by the company in Murino.38 spruces of different height, from 5 to 15 meters, were carefully hauled to the GREENLandia estate, to decorate the grounds surrounding the three stages of the project. 23 spruces were planted near Buildings 3, 6 and 7, 12 trees near Buildings 2 and 5, and the remaining three conifers were placed by the specialists in the yard between Buildings 1 and 4.The entire labor-consuming process took about two weeks. Special machinery was used for replanting, which saves the roots needed by the tree digging them out with a part of their “own” earth.It should be reminded that the first new occupants planted an apple orchard in the inner yard of the GREENLandia estate, as well as many shrubs and flowers.

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