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Setl City’s New Project in Moskovsky District

2015 september 21

Petersburg Real Estate, the exclusive broker of all Setl City’s projects, is opening sales in the Moscow residential estate situated at 19A, Kostyushko street. By the middle of 2018, a new residential estate more than 82,000 sq. m in total area will be built here, including apartments and suites, integrated spaces, an underground car-park, and an integrated kindergarten.

The Moscow business-class residential estate will be situated on a land plot 1.4 ha in area. The building will consist of several sections with different numbers (6 to 22) of storeys. The first section is a residential section with 473 one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments that will be handed over to buyers in the condition prepared for finishing. The second is an apartment hotel with 417 one- and two-room apartments after complete finishing. Besides, the construction of an underground car-park for 499 cars with multipurpose roofing and an integrated two-storey kindergarten for 50 children is expected.

According to the project, two entrance lobbies with a reception area will provide access to the flats and suites. They will be decorated in the neoclassic style in beige and gray colors with wine-red accents. The style of the façade architecture is chaste and exquisite, too, combining milk and coffee tints.

The courtyard of the Moscow residential estate will be in the stylobate, thanks to which only the tenants of the estate will be able to enter its area. Comprehensive landscaping of the estate’s area is planned, playgrounds for children, sports grounds, and a recreation area for adults will be arranged.

Thus, at the moment, Setl City is implementing projects in 8 districts of St. Petersburg and in the two most promising locations of Leningrad Region – Kudrovo and Murino. 

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