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Setl City’s Sales Grew by 37% for the Year

2015 march 18

The developer company Setl City (part of the Setl Group) has summed up the performance for February 2015. For the past month, the company sold 37% more apartments than for the same period of 2014, which is accounted for by a significant expansion of the targeted program.

In the past year Setl City started the construction and sales of seven new sites in St. Petersburg and another two in Kaliningrad Region. The company’s portfolio of projects was replenished first of all through comfort-class real estate.

Thus Setl City has started implementing two “million” projects – the residential estates Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky) in Primorsky District and Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) in Krasnoselsky District. All in all, the construction of 2.9 million sq. m of residential real estate, as well as of 19 kindergartens, 8 schools, 6 outpatient clinics, 2 sporting facilities and 2 park recreational areas, is planned here.

Besides, the company has started the construction of the residential estates ZimaLeto in Krasnogvardeysky District and Aliye Parusa (Scarlet Sails) in Nevsky District. Both estates are distinguished by the abundance of panoramic apartments: Aliye Parusa is being built right on the bank of the Neva river and ZimaLeto near the Okhta river.

Setl City’s targeted program has been also replenished by a number of high-class projects. Thus, the sale of the business-class residential estate Mirozdanie (“The Universe”) (Petrogradsky District) and two elite sites – the House in Kirochnaya (Tsentralny District) and Stockholm (Primorsky District) – was started.

Thus, today Setl City is engaged in construction and sales in 8 districts of St. Petersburg and in the two areas of Leningrad Region with the keenest demand (Kudrovo and Murino) and has a number of projects in Kaliningrad Region. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of all projects of the developer.

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