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Setl City Sets Scarlet Sails over Neva

2014 november 05

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) starts the construction of a new comfort-class residential estate, Aliye Parusa (Scarlet Sails), in Nevsky District of St. Petersburg, right on the bank of Neva river. 150,000 sq. m of housing, a kindergarten for 220 children and a landscaped promenade embankment will be built on a land plot about 10 ha in area in Sovetsky avenue. Petersburg Real Estate, the exclusive broker of the project, has already started sales in house No.2.

The Scarlet Sails residential estate consists of 4 houses 25 storeys high. The construction will be done in 4 stages. House No.2 will be the first to be built and will consist of three detached sections with 797 apartments. All sections will be united by an integrated attached car-park. Commissioning of the house is expected in the 1st quarter of 2017. 

At the same time with house No.2, the commissioning of a detached kindergarten for 220 children is expected.

A project for comprehensive improvement of the area of Scarlet Sails RE provides for arranging a promenade zone with pedestrian paths, benches and original outdoor lighting along the embankment of Neva, on which windows of many apartments open.

The unusual color concept of the estate’s façades makes a single pattern of sails soaring over Neva, which looks especially spectacular from the opposite bank of the river.

Commercial spaces on the ground floors of the buildings of the 3rd stage will provide future tenants with everything they may need: shops, drug-stores, medical centers, beauty parlors and many other services.

All apartments will be handed over to buyers in the condition prepared for finishing. The apartments will have electrical network wiring with installed sockets and switches, evened floor and walls, plastered walls and ceiling and an installed metal entrance door. 

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