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Setl City Signs an Agreement on the Principles of Conscientious Work with the Government of Leningrad Region

2015 august 04

Yesterday, on August 3, at the meeting of the Coordination Council of  the Government of Leningrad Region, Setl City (a company of Setl Group) was among the first developers who signed the Agreement on the Basic Principles of Work and Interaction of the Authorities and Businesses in the Housing Construction Market of Leningrad Region.

Maintaining the stability and transparency of the housing construction market is the key goal of the Agreement. It sets forth the reliability criteria that guarantee in the regulatory form the conscientious performance of developer’s work and timely commissioning of completed construction sites.

According to the document, Setl City has confirmed once again its willingness to observe the four key requirements: compliance with the FZ-214 Federal Law, securing its obligations of handing over apartments to construction co-funders, information transparency of operations, and construction quality control.

It is to be recalled that in March this year Setl City signed a similar agreement with the Government of St. Petersburg, that had been developed by joint efforts of the authorities and the professional associations Non-profit Partnership Association of St. Petersburg Builders and Union of Construction Associations and Organizations (SSOO).

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