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Setl City Started Building a Kindergarten in the London Residential Estate

2018 august 28

Setl City (part of Setl Group) has started the construction of a kindergarten in the London block of the Seven Capitals neighborhood in Kudrovo. This preschool facility is being erected between the house at 6 Stolichnaya Street Bldg. 1 and 8 Yevropeisky Prospekt. It is designed for 160 children. The design and construction is fully at the expense of Setl City. The three-storey daycare of a total area of 3,200 sq. m will accommodate 8 groups of children aged 3 to 7. The kindergarten will have a canteen, a medical room, rooms for hobby groups, sleeping areas, a joiner’s workshop, a gym, and a music room. The playrooms of the first storey will have under floor heating. The kindergarten will be provided with an elevator, and an advanced video surveillance system will be installed along the building’s perimeter. The yard will have a playground with sand pits, see-saws and swings, shades, and a fully equipped sports ground. The scheduled commissioning time of the facility is Quarter 3 of 2019. Setl City intends to build three more kindergartens and one comprehensive school in the London block. The designs of all the daycares carried out at the developer’s own expense have already got favorable opinions of the state expert panel. The Vienna block of the Seven Capitals neighborhood already has three operating municipal kindergartens and a comprehensive school designed for 600 students. The RF Ministry of Construction has recognized the school construction design as a model one, and the documentation is recommended for replication at the federal level. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Seven Capitals project.

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