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Setl City Started Building Malaya Neva Emerald View RC

2018 november 20

Setl City (a part of Setl Group) started the construction of, and the exclusive broker Petersburg Real Estate opened sales in a new residential complex of high comfort class in Vasileostrovsky District, St. Petersburg. Four residential houses of a total apartment area of about 51,500 sq. m will be constructed in a plot of land delimited by Uralskaya Street and Makarov Quay. The Malaya Neva Emerald RC will comprise an underground parking lot designed for 620 cars. A large green block park with a fountain will be provided in the inner yard. The commissioning of the RC is scheduled for Quarter 2, 2021. The residential complex designed by the Intercolumnium architect studio consists of four 12-storey buildings. The houses are designed in up-to-date stylistics – lots of glass combined with suspended facades. The ventilated façade will be decorated with ceramic granite tiles of contrast colors: from milk white and grey to various shades of green: emerald, pistachio, and jade. The largest part of the inner yard will be fenced off cars; a guest parking area will also be provided. The RC grounds will be completely fenced out. Setl City will install here up-to-date play areas with colorful play sets, develop leisure areas, and provide fitness machines in the sports grounds. The residential complex will be decorated with a large green block park of about 4,000 sq. m in area with a fountain provided in the inner yard. The RC offers diverse layouts to suit any taste, in particular family sections with large-area apartments and European style versions. Spacious apartments with green houses and attractive layouts with saunas will also be offered to buyers. The best views of the Malaya Neva, the Gulf, and the new Saint-Petersburg Stadium in Krestovsky Island will be displayed from high flats in the upper storeys. All the apartments will be delivered with complete final finishing to Setl City’s new ‘Italian Collections’ standards, which provides for floor heating in the bathroom. The rooms and kitchen will have marked texture laminate flooring. The new RC will be 10 minutes’ drive from the Vasileostrovskaya and Primorskaya subway stations, in the very heart of Petersburg, near Makarov Quay, with a view on the Malaya Neva. The Tuchkov Bridge is just five minutes’ drive, and the Palace Bridge, Spit of Vasilievsky Island, Birzhevoy Bridge, and Peter and Paul Fortress are 10 minutes’ drive. The Betancourt Bridge across Serny Island lets you quickly get to Petrovsky Island and Petrogradskaya Side. Decembrists Park, a cozy Greenfield area for walking and leisure, is within a walking distance. There is a yacht club in the neighboring Serny Island. The RC is being erected in a habitable location with a developed social and commercial infrastructure. The neighborhood has operating kindergartens and three schools, in particular the St. Petersburg University’s academic high school and a German school of the Consulate General of Germany. Literally within an inch from the RC is a Lenta food hypermarket; a Leroy Merlin building materials store and Vasileostrovsky construction market are also nearby.

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