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Setl City Starts the Construction of a New Kindergarten in the London Housing Estate

2019 february 13

Setl Group has started building a second kindergarten for 190 children in the London quarter of the Seven Capitals residential area in Kudrovo. It will be located between House 1 in Angliyskaya Street and the kindergarten, which is under construction. Commissioning is expected in Q1 2020. The façades of the building will be decorated with ornamental plaster, and the basement will be faced with porcelain gres. The kindergarten almost 4,000 square meters in total area will be able to admit 10 groups of kids. The building will have bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, a first-aid post, a music and sports hall, rooms for hobby groups, and toy storage rooms. Video surveillance cameras will be installed around the kindergarten. Inside, Setl Group will arrange 10 playgrounds with canopies. Two of them are for the nursery group, and the rest for the pre-school groups. In the playing areas, the developer will install rocking chairs and sandboxes and will arrange a sports ground. The area of the kindergarten will be fenced, and trees and shrubs will be planted in the courtyard. In the summer of 2018, Setl Group started the construction of another kindergarten in the London residential area. The building is located between the house at 6, Stolichnaya Street, building 1, and 8, Yevropeysky Avenue and has been designed for 160 kids. The commissioning of the kindergarten is expected in Q4 2019. Besides the two above-mentioned preschool institutions, the developer plans to build 2 more kindergartens and one comprehensive school for 1,100 pupils in the London housing estate. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Seven Capitals project.

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