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Setl City Starts the Construction of Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky)

2014 august 19

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has started the construction of a new residential area, Chistoye Nebo (Clear Sky), in the Kamenka zone of Primorsky District of St. Petersburg. 1.3 million sq. m of housing, 14 social infrastructure facilities, a promenade area and many green grounds and lawns will be situated in the area of approximately 100 ha. Near the residential estate there will be a park 11 ha in total area, and by the moment of project completion a new metro station will have been launched according to the city’s plans. 

It is expected that the first stage of the project, a residential house with the total apartment area of 26,000 sq. m, will be commissioned simultaneously with a kindergarten for 190 children in the 1st quarter of 2017. All apartments will be put into service after complete finishing. 

The construction of the Clear Sky residential area is to be completed within about 12 years. The estimated volume of investment is 100 billion roubles. St. Petersburg Realty, the exclusive broker, has already started the sales.

A distinguishing feature of the Clear Sky is the abundance of green areas: about 45 ha in the 98 ha of the residential area are landscaped. Besides, a united recreation area will be created on the adjacent plot along Kamenka river, with a trampoline center, a rope camp, a craft town, an open air cinema, a climbing wall, many walking alleys and promenades along a landscaped embankment. The total area of the park will exceed 11 ha.

All in all, 4 schools, 8 kindergartens, 2 outpatient clinics (for adults and for children), a sports complex and a culture and arts facility will be built in the new residential area. Most of the social facilities will be situated in the single area inside the residential estate, and on its boundary there will be a large promenade zone with lawns, flowerbeds and trees, pedestrian and bicycle paths, and street architectural elements. 

The residential area will be surrounded by the arterial streets of Komendantsky avenue, Korolyova avenue and Plesetskaya street, and a convenient exit to Parashyutnaya street, the Western High-Speed Diameter and the Ring Motorway will be arranged.  

The first stage of the project, the four-section residential house with the varying number of stories (12 to 23 storeys) with an underground car-park for 181 cars will be situated at the corner of the perspective continuation of Komendantsky avenue and Plesetskaya street. The building will have 787 apartments after complete fine finishing , as well as commercial spaces (5,700 sq. m) on the ground and first floors. Besides, the company is planning to start the erection of the 2nd stage of the project before this year expires.

The Clear Sky is being built according to Setl City’s outfitting standards for integrated development projects. This means that the residential area will be sufficiently provided with both social and shopping/service infrastructure: cafés and shops, first-aid posts and centers for children, sports facilities, bicycle parking facilities, pram storage rooms, Wi-Fi areas, and many other elements of a comfortable life. Elements of landscape design are to be used in the courtyards. Hallways of the houses will be designed according to special projects, as the Setl City’s concept always implies.

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