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Setl City Starts the Construction of Petrovsky Park Residential Estate

2017 january 10

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has started the construction of a premium-class residential estate Petrovsky Park on Petrovsky Island in Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg. Petersburg Real Estate, the exclusive broker of the project, is starting the sales of apartments in the new residential estate.

Petrovsky Park is a residential estate with a unique location and view characteristics situated on a land plot 3.5 ha in area between Petrovskaya Square, Petrovsky Avenue and a bank of Malaya Neva. Three 8-storey buildings with an underground car-park for 440 cars and a kindergarten for 160 kids are to be built under the project. The project provides for comprehensive landscaping of the estate’s area, the inner territory will be arranged according to the “car-free courtyard” principle with a lot of lawns, trees, flowerbeds and pedestrian areas. There will be a landscaped embankment on the bank of Malaya Neva.

Apartments of various areas – from one-room to five-room apartments with views and terraces are provided for in the houses. The total area of the apartments is 47330 sq. m. Spacious hallways designed according to a special project are provided for in each house. On the ground floors, along Petrovsky Avenue there will be commercial spaces about 1,619 sq. m in area. Each building will have a central reception area, and a multi-level access system is provided for throughout the estate.

The project has been designed by the Evgeny Gerasimov and Partners architectural studio. It is expected that the project will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2019. 

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