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Setl City Starts the Construction of the London Residential Estate in Kudrovo

2013 june 26

The developer company Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has started the construction of the London residential estate in the framework of the project for the integrated development of the Seven Capitals territory in Kudrovo. About 470,000 sq. m of real estate, a school (for 1100 pupils) and 4 kindergartens (for 650 children) will be built here by the year 2018. The total estimated amount of investment in the construction of the estate is 28 billion roubles. St. Petersburg Realty, the exclusive broker of the project, will open sales on the 28th of June 2013. The architectural concept of the London residential estate is subordinated to nonuniformity and nonlinearity of construction that is characteristic of that European capital, which is manifested in the geometry of both houses and streets inside the estate.  London has a marked feature of buildings having different numbers of storeys – from 10 to 25. There is a horseshoe-shaped zone within the estate, which forms a single pedestrian recreation space, the Square of Europe. Like in the Vienna residential estate, the construction of which started the implementation of the Seven Capitals project, houses in London will have bright and original colour solutions for the facades. The architects chose the colour gamut typical of the English capital: white, brown, blue, red, beige colours and their various tints. Houses 7/1 (11-19 storeys) and 7/3 (10 storeys), which will have 384 one- and two-room flats and studios, will be the first to be built in the estate.  The commissioning of the houses is expected in the 2nd and 1st quarter of 2015 respectively. All apartments will be handed over to buyers after complete fine finishing according to the new standards of Setl City. It should be noted that the Seven Capitals project provides for the construction of about 670,000 sq. m of housing spaces and 9 pre-school and state education institutions (2 schools and 7 kindergartens). The investment value is estimated at about 41 billion roubles. It is expected that the construction of the London residential estate – and of the entire Seven Capitals residential area – will be completed in the year 2018.

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