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Setl City Starts the Construction of the Residential Estate ArtLine in Primorsky on Torfyanaya Doroga

2018 october 02

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has started the construction of a new high comfort-class residential estate, ArtLine, on Torfyanaya Doroga, within 3 to 4 minutes’ walking distance from the Staraya Derevnya metro station. At the same time, the exclusive broker of the Petersburg Real Estate project has started sales in the residential estate. 5 residential buildings, 2 apartment complexes, underground and above-ground car-parks, as well as a primary school with a kindergarten will be built under the project. Commissioning of the RE is expected in Q4 2020. The RE will consist of five 11-storey houses 87,400 square meters in total living area with underground car-parks for 938 cars, 2 apartment complexes 12 floors each, with the total area of apartments of 33,000 square meters, and a 7-storey ground car-park for 366 cars. The three residential buildings and the apartment complex will contain commercial premises with a total area of more than 2,500 square meters, where shops, cafés, pharmacies and bakeries will be opened later. The construction of an elementary school with a kindergarten for 460 children all in all, with a separate fenced territory, is planned on the territory of the residential estate. The violet color, which is rare for Petersburg, is used in the façades of the ArtLine in Primorsky. This is one of the noblest, most sophisticated and at the same time mysterious colors – a symbol of creativity, self-actualization, originality and inspiration. The basic light palette, like a blank canvas, favorably emphasizes bright accents. Rainscreen walls are faced with porcelain gres of different shades of the same color, which creates the effect of mélange. Energy-efficient reflective glazing of windows and loggias is provided. On the top floor, there will be High Flat apartments with high ceilings and an enlarged window opening. Residential buildings form cozy courtyards organized according to the “car-free courtyard” principle. Each of them is closed to strangers, there are children's play facilities for younger children and places for recreation. The project is proud of its own public art space. A rope park for toddlers and a playground for older children will be located here. All elements will be made of environmentally friendly materials, and up-to-date soft coating is provided for safety. There will be a large workout area with fitness equipment and tennis tables, and a soccer and volleyball field with a safety net. The art zone is the space of installations and modern art. It will be decorated with cherry-trees as high as a human being and stylized letters ArtLine. There will be a secluded recreation area with wooden designer’s benches and a walking area with pedestrian bridge paths and decorative landscaping. In addition to the design concept of the façades decoration, a unique artistic solution has been developed for the halls of the residential estate. It was selected in the framework of the ART-COMPLEX competition organized by Setl City and Project Baltia, a professional architectural magazine.
Participants from all over Russia offered their ideas for the interiors of the entrance lobbies of the buildings. After the competition, representatives of Setl City chose two most interesting ideas. The “Apperception of Natural Shapes” work is an abstract geometric composition, in the broken forms of which the authors have depicted the spontaneity of the northern nature. The White Nights project is an attempt to capture the mystical beauty of the historical center of St. Petersburg. All apartments in the residential estate will be commissioned with finishing according to the new Setl City’s standard, "Italian Collections". Thus, bathrooms will have heated floors with a digital thermoregulator; ceramic tiles with mosaic and and wood-textured tiles are used for decoration. Laminate with a more pronounced texture will be laid in the rooms and in the kitchens. The new residential estate will be located in an upscale lived-in residential area provided with a well-developed transportation, social and commercial infrastructure. The Staraya Derevnya metro station is within just a 3 to 4 minutes’ walking distance. It will take just five minutes by car to get Primorsky Avenue, 10 minutes to get to the entrance to the Western High-Speed Diameter and the Ushakovsky Bridge over the Bolshaya Nevka. Within walking distance from the residential estate, there is a large shopping and entertainment mall, Gulliver, with numerous chain stores and a cinema, a Domovoy home goods store, and an Ashan grocery hypermarket. Nearby there is a dentistry and medical center, a swimming pool and a sports club. In the area of Bogatyrsky Avenue, there are several kindergartens and secondary schools.

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